About Us

Cerious Technologies is Headquartered in Peoria Arizona and is owned by renowned audio designer, Robert L. Grost. Mr. Grost’s credentials include:

  • Teaching Recording Science and Acoustic Theory at the University level (age 19)
  • Senior Project Engineer for Advanced Acoustic Research Programs General Motors (age 25)
  • Chief Engineer Unity Audio, an advanced loudspeaker and consumer electronics firm with products distributed in 16 countries worldwide
  • Award winning composite furniture Designer
  • Composite Reactive Ballistic Armor design and manufacturer

Cerious Technologies’ focus is the design and manufacture of cutting-edge loudspeakers and audio cables. While many consider loudspeakers to be the least revealing part of the audio chain, those developed by Mr. Grost proved to expose just how poor current cable offerings were. The research into a transparent cable ultimately resulted in the Graphene line of cable products.

Thus began the interplay of each generation of Graphene cable products and loudspeakers under development. Each advancement in cables exposed flaws in the loudspeakers, which in turn were further refined exposing colorations in cable products. This design process has led directly to the development of Graphene Matrix from Graphene Extreme and ultimately to the development of Graphene Lumniscate. With the completion of Graphene Lumniscate, Mr. Grost finally has the front-end chain that is transparent enough to finalize loudspeaker development. Look forward to the new Cerious loudspeaker coming in spring 2024!