Speaker Cables

Graphene Extreme V2.0
  • More than an “Entry Level” Product
  • Each Negative conductor is fabricated from 12-gauge Large Crystal Silver plated OFC Copper with Teflon Jacket
  • Positive conductors employ 12-gauge Large Crystal Silver plated OFC Copper, 64,000 strands of Carbon Fiber, and are flooded with vacuum injected Aqueous Graphene
  • Carbon Fiber termination dampers
  • Proprietary Aluminum powder damping jacket virtually eliminates vibration and Electro-Magnetic Field effects
  • Unrivaled Transparency at the price point
  • Available with either Spades or Banana connectors

Graphene Extreme V2.0 Speaker Cables

The negative conductors begin with privately sourced 6N Large Crystal Copper 12-gauge with generous pure Silver-plating and are completed with a Teflon Jacket.

The positive conductors for the Graphene Extreme V2.0 loudspeaker cables are the same as those for the “Hot” conductor of Graphene Extreme V2.0 Power Cords. We employ a bare version of our privately sourced 6N Large Crystal Copper 12-gauge with generous pure Silver-plating and combine it with 64,000 strands of Toray carbon fiber sourced for our finest speaker cables – Graphene Lumniscate. Each positive conductor is then flooded with our Aqueous Graphene (admittedly at a lower concentration than that used in Graphene Lumniscate), and placed in a vacuum to force a quality saturation of each positive conductor.

Graphene Extreme V2.0 employs a common jacket for each channel. A negative and positive conductor are placed in each jacket and a Proprietary Aluminum powder is used to fill the jacket to dampen vibrations from external sources as well as damping micro vibrations within the conductors themselves. Carbon Fiber/Aluminum termination rings are used to separate out the two conductors enabling easier hook up within systems.

The result is a cable that is an unrivaled value, both technically and sonically. Graphene Extreme V2.0 offers transparency and neutrality worthy of the Cerious Technologies name.

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