Power Cables

Graphene Lumniscate
  • Each Neutral conductor is fabricated from 12-gauge 6N Silver and is then covered in a woven jacket of our Mirror finish Silver Ribbon. A proprietary dielectric separates the two creating an energy storage device that actively rejects noise and low-level voltage fluctuations
  • Positive conductors employ 10-gauge 6N Silver, 128,000 strands of Carbon Fiber, and is enclosed by a woven structure of Silver 30-gauge wires and flooded with vacuum injected Aqueous Graphene
  • 20% higher concentrations of Graphene than Graphene Matrix
  • Reactive Ballistic Ceramic and Graphene damping jacket virtually eliminates vibration and Electro-Magnetic Field effects
  • Unrivaled Transparency
  • Available with either Rhodium or Gold-Plated connectors

Graphene Lumniscate Power Cords

Graphene Lumniscate Power cords are like Graphene Lumniscate interconnects on steroids. Each conductor is virtually identical, only BIGGER. The ground (neutral) conductor employs a 12-gauge Silver conductor, but the Mirror Surface Silver ribbons are woven into a Lattice that surrounds the 12-gauge central conductor with silver compression collars on each end. A proprietary dielectric separates the two creating an energy storage device that actively rejects noise and low-level voltage fluctuations.

The positive conductor employs a 10-gauge Silver conductor, 128,000 strands of surface treated Toray Carbon Fiber, a Silver Lattice out of 30-gauge Silver (yielding over 3 times the total conductor of our interconnects) and our aqueous Graphene filled under pressure and placed in a vacuum for three days compressing into every void.

As with the interconnects each conductor behaves as a single solid core conductor, but with a greater conductivity in the center of the conductor than on the outside of the conductor. This characteristic creates a conductor that inherently fights any surface effects and focuses signal transmission in a single plane through the center lowering the total time constant and virtually eliminating any time smear from the signal traveling across the cross section of the conductor. It is inherently non-magnetic and extremely inefficient at generating electric fields minimizing back EMF and “Ghost” signals that are created as the EMF collapses back into the cable. This is especially important the greater the amplitude the conductor is passing (higher current) found in Power Cords.

The three conductors are then placed in a larger jacket and are again surrounded with a proprietary damping material creating what may be the quietest power cord ever created.

How is this done? Cerious has developed a proprietary method of forcing the aqueous Graphene into the smallest nook by injecting it under pressure. After each conductor or “Damping Jacket” (both employ the same Aqueous Graphene) is “filled” the entire cable is placed in a vacuum chamber pulling out every pocket of oxygen and pulling the Graphene into intimate contact with the pure Silver and Carbon Fiber backbone fusing it into one coherent conductor. 

Through this process we have achieved an increase of over 20% concentration of Graphene in each conductor versus Graphene Matrix. The introduction of our aqueous Graphene solution in our damping jackets has resulted in damping at the atomic level for both our individual conductors and cables as a whole. 

The result is an AC cable that is quieter and more voltage stable than any ever created. Through the elimination of micro voltage variations these AC cables will have profound effects on digital based products. Graphene Lumniscate sets new standards for transparency and neutrality, which are hallmarks of all Cerious Technologies products.

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