Speaker Cables

Graphene Lumniscate
  • Each Negative conductor is fabricated from 6-gauge Silver plated OFC Copper and is then covered in a woven jacket of our Mirror finish Silver Ribbon and terminated on both ends with Silver compression rings
  • Positive conductors employ 10-gauge 6N Silver, 128,000 strands of Carbon Fiber, and enclosed by a woven structure of Silver 30-gauge wires and flooded with vacuum injected Aqueous Graphene
  • 20% higher concentrations of Graphene than Graphene Matrix
  • Reactive Ballistic Ceramic and Graphene damping jacket virtually eliminates vibration and Electro-Magnetic Field effects
  • Unrivaled Transparency
  • Available with either Spades or Banana connectors

Graphene Lumniscate Speaker Cables

The negative conductors begin with the only copper-based material in the Graphene Lumniscate line. The use of copper was necessary due to the fact it is 6-gauge in size and heavily Silver plated. Wrapped over the top of this is a Lattice of our Mirror Surface Silver ribbons. The damping materials added to the large outer jacket are radical and are one reason the cables weigh as much as they do. 

Aqueous Graphene is too expensive to add as the sole damping material so we have developed a specific aqueous solution consisting of ceramic microspheres, Carbon Nanoparticles, Copper beads, and a proprietary liquid agent. Each conductor then spends three days in a vacuum to eliminate air voids. It is important to let the cables “settle” each time they are moved to let the damping jacket stabilize the conductors for best sound

The positive conductors for the Graphene Lumniscate loudspeaker cables are the same as those for the “Hot” conductor of Graphene Lumniscate Power Cords. The damping solution, however, differs from that of the negative loudspeaker cable conductor with the addition of Graphene along with the Carbon Fiber Nano particles. The damping material now becomes conductive with the addition of Graphene creating a conductor ¾” in diameter! Much experimentation was done to get just the right viscosity allowing it to flow to dampen internal vibrations, but to make sure it was too thick to ever escape the jacket should the seals ever get compromised. Cerious Technologies experience in reactive ballistic armor led to a damping material that occupies a solid state and only liquifies when under the influence of vibration. Under these conditions only the material in direct contact with the conductor would return to a liquid state, while the rest of the damping mass would stay in a stable solid state.

Terminations, Tough Love

We highly recommend spades as a termination. In fact, we will come right out and say if you choose bananas, it will compromise the sound of the Graphene Lumniscate loudspeaker cables. Yes, they are that revealing. We have searched everywhere for “invisible” bananas but have grown to believe they do not exist. We can do bananas but please choose spades. Our spades are made of Oxygen Free Copper and are direct Gold plated for best sound.

The result is a cable that simply “disappears”. Graphene Lumniscate sets new standards for transparency and neutrality, which are hallmarks of all Cerious Technologies products.

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