Graphene Extreme V2.0
  • More than an “Entry Level” Product
  • Each Negative conductor is fabricated from 18-gauge Large Crystal OFC Copper with 20% pure Silver plating and Teflon Jacket
  • Positive conductors employ 18-gauge Large Crystal Silver plated OFC Copper, 24,000 strands of Carbon Fiber, and are injected with Aqueous Graphene
  • Unrivaled Silent noise floor at the price point
  • Available with either Single Ended RCA or Balanced XLR configurations

Graphene Extreme V2.0 Interconnect Cables

The negative conductors begin with privately sourced 18-gauge 6N Large Crystal Copper with generous 20% pure Silver-plating and are completed with a Teflon Jacket.

The positive conductors for the Graphene Extreme V2.0 Interconnect cables utilize a bare version of the 18-gauge 6N Large Crystal Copper with 20% Silver plating and combine it with 24,000 strands of Toray carbon fiber sourced for our finest cables – Graphene Lumniscate. Each positive conductor is then flooded with our Aqueous Graphene (admittedly at a lower concentration than that used in Graphene Lumniscate), to fully saturate each positive conductor. The positive conductor is then pulled into a Teflon jacket.

The result is an Interconnect cable that is an unrivaled value, both technically and sonically. Graphene Extreme V2.0 Interconnects offer transparency and detail worthy of the Cerious Technologies name.

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